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Tip of the Week

Best Yoga and Spin Classes in Santa Fe

If the thought of spin classes and/or yoga appeals to you while in Santa Fe, I suggest you check out my new favorite haunt: Santa Fe Thrive! Just a quick 5-6 minute drive from the inn, Thrive offers a full schedule of spin classes (45 minute interval and 60 minute endurance classes), along with a full array of yoga classes (gentle, relaxation, flow and power, with a number of hot yoga classes). For those who want both cycling and yoga, there are some combo classes, with 30 minutes on the bike followed by 30 minutes of yoga. They also have some specific core and pilates classes.

I have taken classes from most of the instructors, in both yoga and cycling, and find them all to be top-notch. Classes begin Monday through Friday at 6am, though a bit later on the weekends, and run into the evening.

Drop in classes are available for $16/each, or you can buy a five class pass for $77. If you didn't bring a mat, you can rent one there for $2. Seniors, students, active military and fitness pros receive 15% off class passes.

So if you think your body might appreciate a great workout in between big meals of burritos and enchiladas, I highly recommend some classes at Thrive during your trip.

Whitewater Rafting: A Fabulous Outdoor Activity While in Santa Fe

If you are looking for a great outdoor activity in or around Santa Fe, whitewater rafting is a must. The winter snows are melting, making for peak whitewater rafting in the area. The water runs higher and faster in May and June, but if we get some decent rains in summer, it can be running high even in July or August. There are a number of outfits offering both half day or full day excursions, and you can choose between peaceful float trips or the exciting and adventurous racecourse. Whitewater rafting is a fabulous activity, great for beginners or those with experience (our rivers range from class 1 to 3, though sometimes can get to a 3.5 if conditions allow), and is suitable for ages 7-77.

Whether doing a peaceful float on the Rio Chama or upriver on the Rio Grande, or opting for the thrilling Taos Box, you will experience New Mexico as it was for the first settlers. The sense of serenity as you make your way downriver is memorable, as is the wildlife you will encounter along the way: geese, ducks, eagles, and bighorn sheep.

While there are a number of reputable companies, I personally recommend Kokopelli or the Santa Fe Rafting Company. Both have terrific and knowledgeable guides, great equipment, a real commitment to safety, and serve great meals or snacks.

Remember, keep your paddle in the water!

Dining Deal at Eloisa Restaurant

Here is a tip sure to please both your taste buds and your wallet! Eloisa Restaurant, located just a short two blocks from the inn, is offering a buy one entree, get a second one (of equal or lesser value) free of charge. This deal is being offered from 5:30-7pm throughout the month of March.

Eloisa offers a blend of New Mexican and Latin American cuisine, served in a sleek and contemporary setting (a break from the typical rustic adobe so prevalent in Santa Fe!).

Entrees include the Eloisa Green Chile Cheeseburge for $16, Vegetable Tacos for $29, Grilled Northern New Mexico Lamb for $42, and so much more. For a real dining extravaganza, try "The O'Keeffe Table", a five course tasting menu inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's art, lifestyle and favorite foods, which is $70/person or $100 with wine pairings. Of interest is the fact that Chef Sedlar's aunt was O'Keeffe's personal chef for 15 years. To reserve please call 505.982.0883.

Soak your Stress Away at Ojo Caliente

For an idyllic day trip from Santa Fe sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I highly recommend heading to the mineral baths of Ojo Caliente. After a scenic one hour drive you will find yourself in a tranquil setting, with a number of soaking pools nestled at the foot some beautiful red rock formations. Alternate between the Iron, Lithia, Soda and Arsenic Springs, each with healthful properties said to ameliorate issues ranging from depression to digestion to arthritis. If it is not too cold, you can also enjoy the mud pool: toxins are released as the clay dries on your skin under the strong New Mexico sun.

My tip on Ojo is to get there right when they open at 8am, when the place is at its most quiet and serene. The place tends to get much busier and noisier starting around 10:30am. Despite the signs asking every to "Whisper Please", those signs are often ignored, which detracts from the serenity of the experience. If you vacate the pools around 11am, take a leisurely steam, sauna and shower, you can then have a lovely lunch at the Artesian Restaurant. The menu features fresh produce from their farm, and ranges from salads, soups, sandwiches, New Mexican-inspired fare, and more. I have always thoroughly enjoyed my meals at the Artesian.

If early morning is not your thing, another option is to arrive in the early evening, when the crowds have dissipated. You could enjoy a couple hours of soaking and then finish with a lovely dinner at the Artesian Restaurant. Or eat and then soak, as the pools stay open until 10pm. It is quite magical to soak under the brilliant stars overhead, and a real treat when the moon is full!

Rates are $24 Monday through Thursday (best days to go!), and $38 on the weekends and holidays.

If you get there at 6pm, the entry fee is just $20.
Towels are given out freely, but if you want a robe or lock for your locker, you will incur additional charges.

Meow Wolf Re-Opens

Santa Fe visitors and residents alike are thoroughly enchanted by Meow Wolf, an interactive art installation located in an abandoned bowling alley. A collaboration of over 100 local artists, Meow Wolf is a playground for all ages to enjoy. My impression is that it is an amalgamation of science fiction, Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass, and Beetlejuice. I encourage all to come and experience this extravagant funhouse and come up with your conclusions and interpretations. Indeed, Meow Wolf is proof that art can be enjoyed by all ages.

Meow Wolf has been such a tremendous success that they have had to close down a couple of times for renovations and replacements of various components when they got too worn. Having just re-opened on February 14, now is a great time to visit while all is fresh and new again.

My tip is to go early in the day, as it can get quite crowded as the day progresses. Check out their calendar of events - Meow Wolf becomes a concert venue and dance club certain nights of the week, and hosts a variety of performers throughout the year.

Wheelwright Museum Bead Exhibit

Santa Fe has a wealth of great museums, and with their ever-changing exhibits, one can visit the same museums over and over without ever tiring of them.

Currently on exhibit at the Wheelwright Museum, one of four excellent institutions on Museum Hill, is Beads: A Universe of Meaning. On display are garments, jewelry, footwear and artwork utilizing glass beads, which were introduced to the indigenous cultures of North America via trade. Because beads were so easy to transport, they became a very popular item for trade, being introduced to New Mexico by the Spaniards in the mid-16th century and then spreading wherever there was contact with Europeans throughout the continent. Beadwork is considered a uniquely native art form, and reflects the culture and tradition of a wide range of Native American tribes.

This comprehensive and extensive exhibit showcases pieces dating from the 1850s to the present, making for a fascinating viewing and learning experience. Exhibit runs until April 15, 2018.

The Madeleine • • (505) 982-3465 or 1-888-877-7622 • 106 Faithway Street, Santa Fe New Mexico 87501